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Item: TaylorMade Spider X Chalk/White Putter 2020 - Small Slant

Grip: Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 Black, 83 Gram, .580 Butt Size

Buy It:  Carl's Golfland


Build Quality: If you're used to the solid milled putters that live in this price range, you may look at the Spider X with some concern simply because it has a lot of parts. We can assure you that this thing feels sturdy and beefy even after our testing. The semi-matte finish of the chalk color took abuse well and we didn't even really have much in terms of scratches apparent. Our tester was the Small Slant style, so we can't speak to the Single Bend version, but the our neck was very solid and lined up well. The grip, well it's exactly the high quality and feel that you've come to expect from Super Stroke. 
On Course: The solid feel and even weight distribution make the Spider X easy to like. A few of our team regularly use solid milled style putters, so there was a bit of a learning curve getting used to the TaylorMade Pure Roll face. Putts started dropping for most of our testers after a short time on the practice green and there was more than one comment about great feedback from the face. The sightline on the top of the putter helps in set up. The most common complaint was the "hollow"  or "tinny" sound striking the ball, to which we suggested listening to the ball hitting the bottom of the cup instead. If you're looking for a low edge to scoop up your gimmes, this one isn't for you. You're just going to have to putt it out. 
Looks: We'd all love to pretend that looks don't matter, but let's be honest, the golf course is at least part fashion show. TaylorMade offers this model in two other colorways (Navy & Copper) but we would suggest at least looking into the Chalk/White combo as it pairs really well with the black shaft and grip for a nice monochromatic look. Bottom line, you won't be embarrassed carrying this thing on the course. 
Other/Extras: As you'd expect in this price range, the Spider X comes with a high quality head cover that matches with the Black/White/Grey theme of the putter. Velcro closure, soft fur interior, and padded build make it about what you would want to see for use and protection. The spider and web embroidery, although well done, are a little kitschy. You can hardly expect TaylorMade to pass up the chance to drive home the model name.
Final Opinion: If you're in the market for a new putter to polish your skills this winter, you'd be silly not to consider the Spider X. We would definitely suggest going to a showroom and putting your hands on one of these models, as we think you'll be as surprised as we are by its quality and feel. Worth the price? Yeah, probably. 













  • Hosel: Small Slant
  • Toe Hang: 30°
  • Offset: 3/4 Shaft
  • Head Weight: 355G
  • Loft: 
  • Lie: 70°
  • Pure Roll Insert: 5MM
  • Insert Feel: Medium


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